How to remove the top 5 Carpet Stains?

No carpet is safe from the grime and stains of everyday life. Carpet cleaning is easier if you know the tricks to remove different stains. Learn how to remove the Top 5 carpet stains:

1. Coffee Stains

The first step is to blot up as much coffee as possible by using an absorbent cloth. Do not rub. The next step is to test the material or carpet to eliminate any further staining by applying the solution or cleaner on an inconspicuous area. A cleaning solution can be made from 2 cups water and 2 teaspoons dishwashing liquid. Dab the solution onto the stain with a clean cloth. Spray clear water and blot again. Repeat this process until the stain lightens

2. Red Wine Stains

Either use a soft absorbent cloth or paper towels to soak up the spillage. When most of the wine has been removed, make a solution of 1/3 cup of white vinegar and 2/3 cup of water. Carefully dab this solution onto the red wine stain and then blot it with a clean cloth to soak up any excess. Then use a mild dishwashing detergent to blot the remaining stain. Rinse the soap by spraying some water onto the affected area, followed by using a dry clean cloth

3. Pet Stains

The secret is to soak up the urine stain as soon as possible by using a cotton cloth. Apply some pressure into the stain to absorb as much urine as possible from the carpet. Then make a mixture of vinegar and water (50% vinegar, 50% water). Apply this solution onto the urine stain and scrub gently to remove it. Blot the solution with a clean cloth, pressing firmly into it

4. Blood Stains

Remove blood stains from the carpet as soon as possible for best results to save your carpet from further damage. Salt can be used to lift blood stains from your carpet as it breaks down the blood proteins making it easier to eliminate the stain. Make a thick paste of salt and water. Cover the stain with this paste and allow it to dry for at least an hour

5. Chewing Gum Stains

The longer the gum stains stay on your carpet, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Place a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and put it directly onto the gum stain. This will harden the gum making it easier to remove. If necessary, use a scraping tool to get rid of any excess gum.

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