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Certified technicians in Carpet Cleaning, Odour Control and Water Damage with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration; Advanced Stain Removal with Jena Dyco International; Carpet Dyeing, Colour Restoration and Colour Repair with Colourful Carpets.

Carpet Cleaning  & Repair

Over time your carpet can lose its pristine condition, becoming soiled and stained. If your carpet has been shampooed in the past, rather than steam cleaned, residue chemicals remain inside the carpet fibre and actually attract more soil.

To protect your carpet and keep it looking its best it should be professionally steam cleaned every 6-12 months. Our highly trained and fully insured technicians will apply advanced steam cleaning, stain and sanitisation processes to bring your carpet back to its best condition.

Book in a FREE detailed carpet inspection to get the best advice for your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning process

  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Advanced stain removal techniques
  • Powerful hot water extraction cleans the full length of the fibres
  • Deep sanitisation eliminates germs, bacteria and allergens
  • Quick drying time
  • Zero sticky residue

For heavily stained areas, our powerful truck-mounted vacuum system extracts more thoroughly than our standard equipment and leaves your carpet almost completely dry.

Our carpet repair and colour correction process

Once your carpet is dry, any stubborn or permanent stains can be managed by our expert repair technicians. They use advanced techniques to repair, colour correct, or replace the stained area as required.


Commercial workspaces

In a workspace, floors and furnishings in high traffic areas can become discoloured and worn which reduces their lifespan, adversely affects your professional image, and wastes thousands of dollars on ineffective cleaning services.

The benefits for your business

  • Same day service with flexibility to minimize downtime
  • The larger the area to be cleaned, the bigger the savings
  • Regular Cleaning Contracts available
  • Corporate referees available
  • Fully insured

Commercial cleaning process

We analyse the wear, traffic and soil conditions of your carpet and furnishings and customise the right solution for your needs, providing better long term protection of your assets.

Your floors and furnishings will look their best, reflecting your professionalism, and will last longer, saving your business money.

Certified technicians in Rug Cleaning, Odour Control and Water Damage Restoration with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration; Advanced Stain Removal with Jena Dyco International; Carpet Dyeing, Colour Restoration and Colour Repair with Colourful Carpets.

Rug Cleaning & Washing

Over time your rug can lose its pristine condition and become dirty through wear and tear. Most area rugs can last a lifetime if properly cared for, especially those handmade from wool or silk.

To protect your rug it should be professionally cleaned every 1-3 years, or more often if it gets frequent heavy traffic. Our advanced cleaning techniques will keep your area rugs looking new for longer, leaving zero residue. If your rug is damaged, our sophisticated stain and colour correction techniques can bring it back to its best condition.

We clean and sanitise all rugs, including:

  • Oriental and Persian
  • Wool    
  • Silk
  • Fur, sheepskin, bearskin and cowhide
  • Antique

Our rug wash plant

We can clean your rug on-site, however for best results, we will pick up your rug and take it to our rug laundry for thorough cleaning, sanitisation and drying.


Our rug inspection & cleaning process

Our rug cleaning team inspects your rug under a microscope to verify its condition and material, and determines the best cleaning method for its individual weave, fibres, dyes, and any stains.

Our specialised rug washing and drying process includes a custom-designed rug cleaning and spin drying machine to ensure maximum soil removal and sanitisation.

Once the rug is clean and dry, our team will repair or colour correct the rug as required.

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