First things you should do in an emergency

  • Terminate the water of source if possible. If you cannot do this, call a plumber or qualified trades person
  • Contact us to begin the drying process immediately
  • Turn off circuit breakers (mains power) if safe to do so
  • If possible, move and secure any small furniture from the affected area
  • Protect carpet against staining by using foil, plastic tabs, Styrofoam blocks or plastic wrap underneath furniture legs
  • Move any area rugs to an unaffected area. Be careful as these can bleed onto other surfaces.
  • Hang drapes so that they are completely off the floor
  • Remove any items that could stain the carpet or get damaged by water – books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants, etc
  • Remove and secure any breakables including valuable paintings and pictures from any wet walls.
  • Contact a doctor if you have any health concerns

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