Forensic Cleanups

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Certified technicians in Trauma Clean-up and Methamphetamine Testing and Remediation with Tact Specialised Training; Advanced Stain Removal with Jena Dyco International.

Forensic Cleaning – Crime Scene & Meth Lab

Meth lab decontamination

Methamphetamine is highly toxic and even trace elements can lead to long term health problems. Our expert technicians will carefully examine the contaminated space to determine the extent of damage and decide on the optimal processes to proceed with.

First, surface level testing will check for any potential exposure.

Our technicians will then move forward with remediation of the space, using specialised fogging and cleaning machinery in conjunction with eco-friendly products.

When the cleaning process is complete, a secondary testing is undertaken to ensure no residue trace elements are left.

Crime scene and trauma clean-up

Our experienced crime scene and trauma team clean and decontaminate a crime scene with professionalism, compassion and discretion.

Our technicians will first remove any large or medium contaminants that may dry and cause damage, before moving onto smaller contaminants such as splatter.

After carefully examining the space they will decide on the optimal processes including stain removal, carpet and mattress restoration, odour neutralisation and colour restoration.

A thorough decontamination is conducted, leaving the space clean and chemical-free.

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